Michael and Kristi Pursell are both Minnesota natives, and although we've lived various places, we always knew where our home place was.  Our love of the outdoors led us both inexorably into environmental fields, but it was relatively late in the game when Michael realized that the thing he valued most about the environment was being out in it.

Michael worked and taught at the U of M's Cornercopia Student Organic Farm before becoming a co-owner of Growing Lots Urban Farm in Minneapolis, where be helped run a veggie CSA and began selling bouquets on the side. The pull of friends, family, and a wonderfully vital and supportive farming community brought our family to Northfield in 2015, and when friends offered to rent us an acre of land we started growing cut flowers as Late Bloom Farm.

After years as an environmental educator, most of Kristi's labor these days is poured into her job as Executive Director of the Cannon River Watershed Partnership, a Northfield non-profit that works with local farmers and other community members to improve water quality. Though she's got her eyes on the bigger picture of land and water stewardship, she keeps our farm business grounded 

The farm is a home away from home for our growing boys Henry and Franklin, who are eager helpers. They can call out a willow tree, a sunflower, or a downy woodpecker at two hundred paces and love nothing so much as a bucket of mud.

Your interest in our farm helps keep our family close to the land we love to care for.